Leasing in construction: financing for public works

Building leasing is a specific type of contract that allows the user to commission a real estate project that is financed by the lessor and can be redeemed by the customer. This type of leasing is mainly used in the case of construction of public works and is subject to changes that are periodically made to the Stability Law.

The user, in building leasing, can directly contact the building company and commission it according to his needs

building leasing

The leasing company is only involved in financial transactions related to the payment of installments. In order for the leasing company to fully pay the sums indicated in the invoices presented by the construction companies, they must present the Sal (work progress) directly to the company; the user, in fact, is not involved in these financial relationships but is the only buyer of the works.

In other words, the leasing company finances in full the amount necessary to start and finish the works, remaining the owner of the property for the entire duration of the leasing contract for public works . The user, on the other hand, by paying the initial down payment and the installments that constitute the amortization plan, can become the owner of the property at the end of the leasing contract and paying the portion of the ransom expected at the time of the stipulation.
In the event that it is necessary to take legal action against the building construction company, the user will be able to exercise this right since he is not the owner yet he is the owner. This means that the leasing company does not intervene for disputes arising from the realization of the works, even if the violations are often detected by the companies that also deal with the issues related to the monitoring of the progress of the work, as shown by the condition described above of the payment of the works upon presentation of the Sal by the construction company to the financing company.

Leasing in construction for the construction of public works proves to be particularly effective to contain disbursements of large initial sums by the public client administrators who, in this way, also have more guarantees with respect to the timing and quality of the works. The work in question, in fact, must be delivered on schedule and with the necessary certificates of viability and functionality. In the event of work delays, the construction company will in fact have to explain the reasons and pay penalties if these are foreseen at the time the contract was signed.

For more information on building leasing, we recommend contacting leasing companies specialized in the sector

For more information on building leasing, we recommend contacting leasing companies specialized in the sector

To get an idea of ​​the costs and procedures to start leasing of this type, we recommend the following link, where you can also perform lease simulations and calculate the periodic installments provided for in the amortization plan.